3 Badminton International Competition You Should Know

For all of you, badminton lovers, there are world new tournament that was held for the first time in 2019. Part of Denmark Open, Danisa Denmark Open start the tournament on 15th until 20th October 2019. This badminton competition took place at Odense Sports Park, Denmark. Participants in this competition is from around the world, like China, Japan, Indonesia, Denmark, and other countries.

Badminton is a sport that uses racquet, shuttlecock, and net to play. But, how about term to play? Badminton player using their racquet to hit a shuttlecock across the net, and bring down an opponent by making the shuttlecock fall inside the opponent’s area.

There are the Badminton International Competition that popular on badminton lovers. Check this out!

  • BWF (Badminton World Foundation) Events

This competition is the highest level in international badminton tournaments. This competition consists of, World Championships, BWF Super Series Finals, Thomas and Uber Cup, and Sudirman Cup. As we know, Thomas cup is competition for men’s badminton player and Uber Cup is a competition for women’s badminton player. Sudirman Cup is for the mixed team. All of this tournaments takes place every two years.

  • Premier Of Premier

This competition is the new level for badminton competition. Not all countries can hold this tournament. The countries that given trusted by BWF to hold this competition are; Indonesia, All England, and China. The selection of these countries is because of the rich history of badminton.

  • Superseries Premier

This competition is one level below from Premier of Premier. As a Premier of Premier, this competition just can hold for some countries. The countries that can hold this competition are; China, Denmark, France, Malaysia, and Japan. 

There are some international badminton competition. Beside the competition that was held under BWF, many International Challenge and International Series Level. One of them is Danisa Denmark Open. Who is your favourite Badmintons player?

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